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Tips for clients: Fast, Cheap or Good – Pick any two

You might have heard about the saying: “You can have it cheap, fast or good. Pick any two”. It’s being around for many years, yet it’s still true. Many clients want them all, but we all know that is almost impossible. Rarely you can get all three, and if you did, please let us know so we can congratulate you.

Some clients just don’t understand that you can not give them “the best thing you have at the lowest price, and also, with fast delivery”. Well, there’s a paradox already: Fast, good and cheap? Where can you find those?

We often bump into this situation, therefore we show our clients this triangle of project management:

It is clear enough what will get regarding their circles choice:

You can imagine yourself that other clients chosen the other ones above. Just think about it and expect what is realistic for your project.

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